Scarp Vantage Consulting was founded on three core values:

Loyalty | Courtesy | Communication


Steve is the founder of
Scarp Vantage Consulting

He is an entrepreneur, experienced businessman, former sportsman and loyal person. He is a thought leader in the tender preparation, strategy and training space. Since 2006, Steve has partnered with his clients to achieve success. His personalised approach to any project is cornerstone to achieving this success. He will unlock intellectual power through interacting with teams.

Throughout his career

Steve has seen millions of documents ranging from business plans, risk management plans, profit and loss statements to countless operational documents. This has allowed him to understand how to navigate through very confusing tenders and also provide practical advice on how to efficiently operate businesses. His invaluable knowledge coupled with his real life experience gives Steve the confidence to work with businesses to develop winning strategies, secure new projects and grow your business.